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sexta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2016

Inglês - The precariousness of Public Health of Brazil

I am Brazilian and I'm very proud of my nationality. I am proud of my people of my country. But before this situation I, my mother and millions Brazilians are living in is sickening and very sad this situation we faced a painful and uneven battle in the Brazilian public health. "It's a shame in all senses of the word." The Neglect to public health is a chronic problem that has been going on for many time, families in need of care and finding failed units .With low quality of care, few places for admission in various specialties "Not to say in all specialties" , eg in cardiology, pediatrics and especially in beds with great complexities as in Treatment Center and Intensive Care. Patients go to hospitals and live without any condition of citizenship. The Federal Constitution that should an obligation to protect us is disrespected, so more than 150 million Brazilians who do not have agreements with private hospitals live wanes when you need to go to public hospitals in Brazil. The saddest thing there is to arrive in an emergency room with his mother who is very ill, and spend hours and hours waiting. You feel helpless "This is an example of what I spend many times with my mother because of her illness. So I say to everyone as there are unjust laws we will continue witnessing the pain and suffering of the people we love and our neighbors. Democracy to be virtuous must respect the equal rights of its citizens without forgetting moral principles and basic religious in addition to the acquired status, as they are the thermometers of a fair and balanced society. Together prevent the spread of anarchy and do not support the mistakes of others. Think about that rulers gentlemen!Google translator .

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