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Anjo 2015

Acredito que através dos ensinamentos de Jesus podemos aprender a ser e alcançar a pureza do amor em nossos corações iluminando nossas alm...

terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2015

Sherri Nicholas (Self-Portrait) 2015 Wonderful Artist of California

When we find beings of light in our lives
Many times they just pass us by
A wave of colorful energy forms
And the magic of a moment of friendship, which
many times we do not recognize at the time
They are created from your kindness,
of their education, behavior and sensitivity
With a simple gesture of affection, a word friend
Even without knowing what's going
He has the gift of peace, joy and positive expectations
Continue connected to them strengthens our foundation of life
And pushes us to live and share what is good about nós.Sherri you one of those angels of God, an angel that God sent into my life. My sweet little angel thank you for everything I love you . Google translator

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